Investing In Professional Development: Tips For Real Estate Agents

Success for real estate agents depends on two things. One is their level of professional competence that lets them deliver to customer expectations. The other is their personality and how they engage with clients. However, the charm is no substitute for competence. It pays to keep yourself at the top as a real estate agent. Here are ways you can rise above your competitors by investing in professional development. 

Knowledge and expertise 

Real estate is a vast segment. Knowledge and experience in just one segment such as residential homes may not automatically give you expertise about commercial and industrial properties or deal with land. The simple solution is to spare time to update your knowledge by attending professional courses. Certification does count. 

Set aside time each day to learn about markets

Real estate may not be as volatile as stock trading in which you have to be on the ball all the time. However, it does help if you make it a point to spare an hour or so at the end of each day to search the internet and know all that is going on. There are various areas on which you should keep watch. 

  • What are other realtors up to?  Read blogs, social media posts and forums to know. It is enlightening. 
  • Keep track of political and economic developments. You will be able to know if a recession is around the corner or if the markets are looking up. 
  • If it is not possible to attend real-world classes, at least join online webinars and conferences. 
  • Read a book before you fall asleep. 

Social media 

Social media activities will not directly increase professional-level expertise. However, your professional skills can gain when you interact on social media. For instance, potential clients may express what they expect. They may voice an opinion about shortcomings in services. Some may be thinking of overseas investments in real estate, an area in which you could progress. Your interaction with a client may draw a positive or negative comment. All these contribute to your professional development. Clients can be great teachers if you take the trouble to listen. 

How can you innovate?

Learning and working all the time will leave you with no time to think forward and to think about innovative ways you can create your niche. It is important to develop a sort of brand image and reputation. This means you will find it is in your interest to spend some time at least one week in simply reviewing the past and finding out ways in which you can innovate.


Real estate is about human interaction but technology plays a crucial role. This does not simply mean the internet and social media but more. It is important to have an understanding of mobile technologies, mobile advertising and how to handle your CRM database. Technology does help you to get clients and clients are important because, without clients, what use is professional competence? 

Once you do get clients it is important to give them the benefit of competence gained by staying updated all the time. 

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