Popular Episode Alert – Mike Wall And David DeVoe Talk About Mega Open House And Recruiting Talent

Watch this exciting episode of the Agent Revolution Podcast, where Mike Wall talks to David DeVoe, a highly successful independent real estate agent. David has been in the real estate business for the last nine years and is based in New Jersey. He began as a lender and then made a move to real estate. He has worked with Keller Williams for 3.5 years and shares his experience of working with eXp Realty.

According to David, he has learned all the nuances of the real estate business, whether it is the lead generation to every other detail while working with Keller Williams. He shares that eXp Realty is a great company to work with and continues to grow.

David DeVoe is now selling over 300 homes and makes approximately $1.25 million in volume. Before Keller Williams, he worked for a local company as a broker. In this video, he shares about his transition into a full-fledged real estate business and how his career path moved up after joining eXp Realty. He learned on-job what works for business and how you can expand.

David has always been a coaching addict, and no matter where he was, his coaching foundation was strong. The sales figures doubled up over the years. He learned that it is vital to understand all aspects of business, whether administrative, operations, marketing, lead generation, and of course, selling. He also shares how he learned while doing regular role plays, making calls, and read every book that he could.

According to David, it is all about mindset when in business. When you begin as a new agent, you have to work through specific challenges and negativity to survive. So it is essential to have a positive mindset for becoming successful in business. It is like a skill the more you practice more it will override the negativity and challenges around you

Watch this episode to know David’s secrets on providing top lever listing coordination, trans- coordination, coaching/training for teams, mega open houses, and finding talent through this appointment academy.