How To Generate And Convert Leads Online Using Funnels? – With Mike Wall And Kile Meiklejohn

In this episode of the Agent Revolution Podcast, Mike Wall talks to Kile Meiklejohn, a mega agent from Alberta, Canada, on building real estate funnels and automating lead generation.

Kile Meiklejohn shares his evolution into the real estate industry. Kile shares that his father had a real estate business since the 1980s, and he grew up in it. However, he joined the oil and gas industry as he thought he was too naïve for this business. He worked for 18 years in the oil and gas industry and finally decided to move into the real estate business in 2007.
Kile also tells us how he thought that since he grew up watching the real estate business being run by his father, he would know better. However, he did a real estate course online to learn all the aspects of the business. He sold his first home after six months of getting his realtors license, and within the next 12 months, he sold 28 homes. After that, there has been no looking back for him, and now he is one of the hugely successful agents in Canada.

In the episode, Kile shares that the city of Alberta is a colossal buyers-market; it is the Texas of Canada. He also shares that it was his connections in the oil and gas industry that helped him generate leads and take his business forward. He shares how all of a sudden, his sphere of influence started to work and how this whole process has been an enormous learning curve for him.

Mike and Kile also share how things in real estate don’t happen overnight. The agents have to start with lead generation to have customers. If the real estate agents do not generate leads every single day, then the business is at risk. Lead generation is critical to move forward in the market.
Besides that, Mike also informs how training and guidance can help agents to learn all aspects of the real estate business.
Tune into this episode to learn more about how to master and automate the leads conversion game.