Getting Organed For Success In 2020 – With Mike Wall And Jerry Van Leeuwen

In this first episode of the Agent Revolution Podcast in 2020, Mike Wall talks to Jerry Van Leeuwen. Mike and Jerry discuss some practical strategies for getting organized to make this New Year more productive.

With all the chaos around New Year, there is a need to organize. Most of the agents at this time of year want to plan and implement new business strategies to further their business. However, it all seems a bit overwhelming. Watch this episode as Mike and Jerry share their experiences and how to get organized for this year.

Jerry Van Leeuwen has been in the real estate business for the last 5 years. Prior to this, he was a paramedic. Coming from a medical background, he was looking for different sustainable career options. He looked at real estate/ sales/ financial planning but finally chose real estate after he read the ‘red book’. He has an independent real estate business now from the last one and half year.

According to Jerry, it was always about setting up a business for himself and getting into real estate was not a casual decision to ‘sell home’. He wanted to build a business and continuously improve. 

According to Mike, there are three different platforms on which a real estate business can be built- sphere of influence, inbound lead generation, and outbound lead generation.  In this episode, you will see Jerry sharing his strategy in detail.

Jerry shares that he started with lead generation mostly on outbound calling. His main focus is on the farm areas. Gradually from the outbound calling, he made a move to social media tactics. His goal for the year 2020 is to move from 30 transactions per year to 80 transactions in a year. 

Watch this episode to know more about Jerry’s farming strategy and how he plans to implement his strategies step by step to make 2020 a success.