Why eXp May Not Be The Right Brokerage 😲😲

Let me just start off by setting the record straight…I love my brokerage but it’s probably not why you think. Most all of us love the brokerage we work for, and for different reasons. Some of us love the people or the commission split, while others value training and company resources. I’m sure there are some other reasons that I’m forgetting but this is what I hear in the majority of my conversations with other agents. 

I’ve been at eXp for almost 2 years and I have no doubt that I made the right move, and make no mistake about it I loved Keller Williams when I was there and I would have been perfectly happy staying at Keller Williams the rest of my real estate career. The people were awesome and the pay structure was competitive! 

Here’s why eXp, Keller Williams insert any other brokerage name here__________________, may not be the best brokerage for you. I started thinking about this the other day while I was outside running. Other agents contacted me in the past to join eXp but the problem was (and I mean this in the nicest way) they didn’t have any credibility or influence. What I mean by that is they hadn’t accomplished any of the things that I was looking to accomplish in real estate. I’m sure they were great people but let’s face it if you’re going to change brokerages you better have a compelling reason or reasons. 

So, How Do You Know You’re At The Right Brokerage? 

The answer is simple…it’s the people. The people you surround yourself with will ultimately determine the level of success you attain. But you have to be really careful here though, just because you like somebody doesn’t ultimately mean they’re the type of person that will challenge you to be the very best version of yourself in a business environment. So then the question becomes how do I know if I’m hanging around the right people at my brokerage? DON’T MISTAKE FRIENDS) FOR COACHES AND MENTORS, THERE’S A BIG DIFFERENCE! (friends talk about what happened on The Bachelor last night, Coaches talk about strategic business objectives) Here’s how you’ll know…

  • Do you share your goals with them?
  • Do they support you in achieving your goals (and I don’t just mean tell you you’re doing a good job)?
  • Are they holding you accountable?
  • Are they calling you out when you don’t achieve your goals?
  • Are they helping you build a business plan?
  • Are you getting better every year or are you staying the same or even worse regressing?
  • If you are growing do you know why?
  • If you’re not growing do you know why?
  • Do you have an exit strategy?
  • How much are you paying and are you holding every dollar accountable to a result?
  • What are you getting for your money (seriously what are you getting?? If you’re on a 70/30 split what are you getting for your 30%? You make $100k they take $30k!)

If you have a broker or team leader and you’re paying them thousands of dollars wouldn’t this be something that they would want to do for each and every one of their agents?? When is the last time your broker or team leader reached out to you to talk about important business objectives or key tracking metrics in your business? 

ARE YOU SURE IT’S THE PEOPLE? 100% IT’S THE PEOPLE! I pride myself on being the dumbest person in the room. (and it’s never been that hard) 🤣🤣 Let’s face I didn’t graduate with honors nor did I get any academic scholarships. One thing I know for sure though is that there are others who have gone before me, who’ve made mistakes and who’ve paid the price and once I started to surround myself with those people my business started to explode. I sold 104 houses my secondyear full time back in real estate and over 300 homes in my 4th year.

So, Why Are People Important?

The simple answer is because they inspire you to be something more than you already are. I’ll never forget working my miserable copier sales job in 2013 watching a video with Jay Kinder in a freshly pressed button down shirt with a mirrored Harley Davidson sign on the wall teaching me HOW TO SELL $250K IN REAL ESTATE WITH ZERO BUDGET. From that moment on I was on, I was hooked. Oddly enough 5 years later we work at the same company…who would have known. That’s only one example of the myriad of people in our circle now.

People like Michael Reese, Daniel Beer, Kyle Whissel, Parker Pemberton, Albie Stasek, Andrew Gaydosh, Tammy Pack, Tina Caul, John Kitchens, Hollie Kitchens, Beth Ann Jones, Joe Symonette, Brandon Town, Joel Hollo, Nick Good, Cody LeBoeuf,  Michael Higdon, Jacob R. Barnhill, Brent Gove, Tricia Turner, Jason Gesing, David DeVoe, Brett Sikora, Shannon Pyatt, Kristin Vining, Michelle Saward, Knolly Williams, Kristy Moore, Jamie Moreng, Gogo’s Real Estate LLC Sekou Pyle Chuck Fazio, Curtis Johnson, Nick Krem, Melissa DeSantis, Conda Davidson, Mary Simmons-Maloney, Matthew Curcio, Amy Broghamer, Aaron Browning, AJ Mida, Andrew Franklin, Adam Bailey, Ryan Ruehle, Clayton Gits, Mitch Ribak, Bryan Casella, Jennifer Wehner, and so many more! 


So the ONE question you have to ask yourself is…ARE YOU SURROUNDING YOURSELF WITH THE PEOPLE THAT DO KNOW,…and if not what the hell are you waiting for?? 
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