Do partnerships really work? With Mike Wall, Rory Pitts, And Luke Weaver

In this episode of agent revolution podcast, check out as Mike Wall speaks to Washington state mega agents, Rory Pitts and Luke Weaver on how to build effective partnerships.

According to Mike, business partnerships can sometimes work in favor of you and it’s all about finding the right partner, forming the partnership at the right time, and structuring that partnership effectively.

In this video, both Luke Weaver and Rory Pitts share their story about how and when they decided to join the real estate business. They share how their families supported them to do something of their interest and to build a life on their terms.

Luke Weaver shares that he was well settled in a sales job. It was only in 2008-9 he left the job and applied for a realtor license. He wanted to do something of his own and started to figure out what was working best for him. According to Luke, there is no substitute for hard work no matter what you do.

They share that how society pushes you in a direction where to get a job in a fortune 500 company is all that matters. However, when you commit working with a big company you don’t have control over your work life. Whereas, real estate gives you freedom and flexibility.

Similarly, Rory Pitts shared how he moved into real estate from a private job. He realized that in real estate there was no ceiling on how much money you can make. He was in a career that was not taking him anywhere. So he decided to get a real estate license and move into this business full time.

Since both Rory and Luke grew up in the same neighborhood and knew each other the transition to become business partners was organic. With an aligned vision and the same morals, things worked out for them easily.

Watch this video to know more on their real estate journey and how you can build an effective partnership in a real estate business.