Who’s the brand …You or your brokerage? – With Mike Wall, Tonya Eberhart, and Michael Carr

In this episode of agent revolution podcast, watch out as Mike Wall speaks to Tonya Eberhart and Michael Carr about the importance of personal branding in the real estate business.

Mike Wall shares that there has been a paradigm shift in the last 20-25 years where the agent is the brand and not the brokerage. However, there are still many agents who think that the broker is the brain but the truth is that when you are the face of business then your personal approach matters the most to make it a success.

Tonya Eberhart is the founder of BrandFace and Branding Agent to Business Starts. She’s also the author of four books on personal branding. Michael Carr is one of the top-selling real estate auctioneer and the Abundant Life Broker. Watch this video as they share their personal experiences and how they realized that branding or building an image for yourself is important for a successful business.

Tonya began her journey in sales by selling vacuum cleaners and then she moved to media sales and then to radio. What she learned during this time was that nobody will buy from you unless you have built a personal branding because people look at you as the forerunner of the business and not the brand/ company itself. She is passionate about helping people stand out in the competition and helps business owners to set their brand apart. She met Michael in 2013 who has over 26 years of experience in auctioneering and has a broker license for 27 states in the country.

Michael immediately put Tonya’s personal branding concepts to work in his brokerage, and as a result, his brokerage business has grown by leaps and bounds. 

So, as a real estate agent if you want to build an effective brand for yourself which the clients won’t forget or even if you want to strengthen your current brand then don’t miss out on watching this video.