The Do’s And Don’ts As A New Real Estate Agent

There is no one formula for becoming successful in real estate business. However, here are the do’s and dont’s as a new real estate agent, which if you keep in mind could put you on the right path.

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The do’s for a new real estate agent

As a new real estate agent, the first thing you need to do is to have a plan in place. Some common steps like finding a mentor or creating a web presence can help you sail through the initial phase.

Here are the 5 most important things that you should do as a new real estate agent in order to be successful in your business.

Work your sphere of influence

Sphere of influence is the people you already know like your family, friends, neighbors, doctor, hairdresser, mechanic, etc. These people are most likely to get your first sales, therefore, telling them that you have started as a real estate agent is essential. A great way to stay in touch with your sphere of influence is through social media.

Track the database thoroughly

Make it a habit of getting contact information from every individual you meet. Every person who shares with you the contact information should be put in your database. Make notes about the potential clients, what they are interested in or how you met them etc. You never know when a simple contact can become a lead.

Focus more on sellers

Marketing to sellers often leads you to both buyers and sellers whereas marketing to buyers usually leads you to buyers only. When you are the listing agent your name appears in the advertisement and that helps you in marketing your brand to a wider audience.

Networking and lead generation

Make use of social media, conduct/attend events, and create an online presence to connect with people. Generating a good amount of leads is essential for business growth, so make contacts, call on expired listings or send flyers, just make your presence.

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The don’ts for a new real estate agent

Seeking business pro-actively is not only a must for a new real estate agent but for experienced ones too. As a new real estate agent don’t think that you will be able to “switch off” in the evenings or weekends. Real estate agent work is an ongoing activity, you will get leads which you will have to keep following up – some clients will be ready next week, month or even after a year.

Some points to keep in mind-

  • Never forget that as a real estate agent, it’s all about doing the basics right
  • Never say that something isn’t in your job description- remember a little extra effort can give your business a boost.
  • Never lose track of the big picture- everyone makes mistake, one lost deal doesn’t mean the end of your career. There will be unique situations involved in all the deals.
  • Never break commitments
  • Never fall behind the curve- if you are not abreast of what’s happening in your industry; you will be left behind.

We hope you find the above suggestions on the do’s and don’ts as new real estate agent useful.

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