The Revolutionary eXp Model- Everyone Is A Winner!

The revolutionary eXp model has been helping real estate agents across the United States & Canada in making their journey successful. With over 20000 agents across these countries and more agents willing to join in is a proof enough that eXp Realty has made sure that everyone is a winner.

At eXp Realty, there are so many amazing opportunities and technologically advanced real estate tools that can help agents to grow. So let’s see how the eXp model supports the real estate agents to thrive their business.

work from anywhere anytime with eXp Realty

Work from anywhere, anytime with eXp Realty

eXp Realty gives the freedom to its agents and brokers to work in real-time from anywhere. With its virtual office environment, agents don’t need to travel daily to the office or wait for support. The eXp model gives a perfect platform for becoming a successful real estate agent. There are multiple options for training, however, over 20 hours of training happens per week in the virtual office. Agents can log in from their phones or computers and communicate with other agents across the country.

The real estate agents can learn and interact with the eXp Realty management, industry experts, and other professionals from the field virtually. The agents can build their teams, referral networks, and share best practices.

maximum earning with the revolutionary eXp model

Maximum earnings with the revolutionary eXp model

In the eXp model, the brokerage system has been redesigned to enable the agents to become shareholders at eXp Realty. Agents can earn rewards for their achievements like closing the first deal. They can also receive their yearly commission CAP back in terms of stocks. There is a 20% per commission check which is taken from agents till the time they pay a CAP of $16000. After the CAP, agents just need to pay a transaction fee for 20 transactions as $250. Once the agent has paid $5000 in transaction fees, the agent will be granted $16000 in stock shares by eXp Realty. Out of this amount, $4000 is available instantly and the balance is vested for three years.

The Agent Advisory Council at eXp Realty ensures that there is transparency and agents can go to the highest levels of the company in case they find anything unfair. Besides that, there is a reward of $2800 if an agent introduces a new real estate agent to the company. The agents can also earn a percentage out of the sales done by the agents that were introduced by them. The bottom line is that there is no limit to the amount of revenue sharing.

eXp Realty gives access to innovative technology

To become one of the top real estate agents one needs to know about the latest market trend. At eXp Realty, the real estate agents have access to best tech tools in real estate at no additional cost. Whether it is transaction technology, lead-generation software, advertising support or content marketing tools, agents can use them to float their business. Besides that, there is online support and training.

eXp model is a win-win for real estate agents

It is a win-win Scenario at eXp Realty

eXp Realty offers a business-ready platform. So from industry experts, training & support to innovative real estate tools, eXp has it all covered for the real estate agents to enable them to grow in their career.