Are You Generating Enough Leads? Mike Wall And Mike Oddo

Lead generation can be one of the biggest challenges in this competitive real estate environment. Watch this podcast as Mike Wall and Mike Oddo share the importance of lead generation to build a sustainable and profitable real estate business.

As Mike Wall deconstructs this challenge in this video with Mike Oddo you will understand how critical is to have a proper lead generation strategy because if you don’t have leads- you don’t have the business. 

In this video, Mike Wall informs that in 2019 more than 50% of the real estate agents have not made a dollar in the business which is an alarming scenario. Mike Oddo who has been in business for more than a decade shares his experience when he began the real estate business when only the old school process was followed. He has done it all from making phone calls to knocking on the doors of prospective clients and faced rejection. That is when he started digging around for a better way of lead generation.

Mike Wall informs that since most of the lead generation techniques that have been tried and tested have been digitized. However, some traditional processes like home evaluation, etc. still holds true. In other words, some of the foundation principles and pieces are still the same, however, they have been digitized. At the end of the day what matters is how many buyers or sellers can an agent contact. 

Watch out the video for some interesting insights from Mike Odd as he shares his experiences. Also, for inexperienced agents, this video throws light on some technicalities involved in the lead generation process. Real estate agents who are just getting around should have an understanding of the process since there is a high rejection rate involved. They need to learn to attract the client’s interest since if you just knock on the door asking for business people may just ignore you. Lead generation is just like fishing- you catch the right fish and you are there in the business. 

This and much more you can learn from Mike Odd and Mike Wall experiences from this podcast.