Top Agent In Less Than 12 Months – With Mike Wall And John Clark

Watch out this new episode of the Agent Revolution podcast as Mike Wall, Expert Real Estate Advisor from The Love Ohio Living Team introduces John Clark who became one of the top real estate agents in less than 12 months. In this video, John Clark shares how his journey in these last 12 months has been so encouraging and fulfilling. He also talks about how he has been able to build a sustainable and profitable real estate business for himself in times when most of the real estate agents are not getting their paychecks the whole year. He shares his experience of working with eXp Realty, the flexible office environment and how the eXp model has helped him grow significantly as a real estate agent within one year.

According to Mike, there is a big disconnect in the industry as most of the agents are not selling homes and therefore, to combat this situation they have taken the onus on themselves. As one of their initiative to support the agents, The Love Ohio Living Team had organized a free class for agents in August to understand the road map of the real estate business. 

Over the years, The Love Ohio Living Team has produced some of the top talents in the real estate business and has become a trusted partner to hundreds of clients and families in Cincinnati and Dayton area. As John Clark says, he feels more happy and satisfied now as he can design his own schedule which gives him enough time to spend with his family. The flexible working hours and the virtual office environment has given him time to pursue his hobbies. The supportive leadership team and networking has helped him make his real estate business more productive and profitable. 

Click on the video to know more about John’s journey with the eXp Realty.