BIG announcement for Dayton Realtors – With Mike Wall And Albie Stasek

Check out as Mike Wall explains how the video content strategy can help the real estate agents. According to Mike, there is a big opportunity for the agents to come and grow with eXp Realty. As per the statistics, approximately 70% of the agents didn’t make profits this year.

In this video, Albie Stasek shares his experience and knowledge on the ways to stand out in all this noise. Stasek informs that he has been in this situation before and it is very painful when you don’t get a regular paycheck. It gets difficult to make ends meet, you may take help from others but that is not the consistent stream of income and things get harder than you expect. He realized that it’s not the best realtor who will win the game but it is the best marketer. Keeping this in mind he decided his road map in the real estate business.

Stasek also explains that as a real estate agent we only focus on getting leads and serving clients at the highest level possible. In a way, this is not wrong but the focus should be on developing a content strategy to take your marketing to the next level. According to him, it is not the company that is the brand, it the agent who is the brand, people should know you as a real estate agent in the area; your name should pop up immediately in consumer’s head.  He also gives insights on the ways to get engagement and exposure in the market and how to control the consumer experience.

Albie Stasek, one of the top real estate agents advise the agents to take actionable steps to improve business without blowing their own credit cards. Mike Wall himself is a testimonial of a successful real estate agent. In this video, you can listen to some great tips shared by Mike and Stasek on how to grow real estate business without a big budget, the right ways to boost business and things to avoid. Without spending on Facebook ads, you can still create an impact on business with a proper marketing strategy.

Watch the video to hear Albie Stasek as he shares the step by step process to grow as real estate agents.