100K Agent Blueprint – With Mike Wall

Mike Wall has grown leaps and bounds to make his company The Love Ohio Living Team as one of the best in the industry in Ohio.

In this video, Mike Wall shares his journey from the very beginning to how he came up to this level in the real estate industry. He shares his experiences and struggles and the decisions which he made to make a mark in the real estate market.

Mike Wall has been in real estate since he was very young, he got his realtors license in 2002 since then he made all efforts to learn from the best to be the best. Despite limited resources and money, he utilized all the time he had to move up his learning curve.

He also shares in this video about his experience of being a buyer’s specialist and how he used to get the leads converted. Mike informs that working in real estate helped him grow, at a young age he was earning 80k-90k dollars in a year. Mike informs how he had to move to a corporate job again in 2009 due to the market conditions to make a sustainable living. 

Mike Wall also tells us about his humbling experiences and tough times which he and his family faced and how he moved back to real estate business in the year 2013 after quitting his corporate job. He informs how he started from scratch again by calling on all the expired leads and went on to build a productive and profitable real estate business for himself.

With 531 houses sold in the last 18 months, 12 agents as part of his team, an investment and a mortgage company under his belt show how real estate business can help you grow if you have the right attitude and courage.

Watch Mike’s presentation to learn the nuances of real estate business which will help you to thrive in the industry as a real estate agent.