Social media marketing to market your real estate business

Social media marketing in real estate business has become integral to score clients and close deals. It not only provides exposure for your brand and properties online but if implemented effectively with the right tools it can help your business to thrive. The top real estate agents use social media as an extension of themselves to connect with more clients and capitalize on this competitive advantage.

So let’s take a look at why you need social media marketing to market your real estate business.

buyers look for properties online

Traditional marketing has now given way to Social Media

Real estate industry that used to depend upon cold calling and traditional marketing techniques has become a thing of past. With so many social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.; social media has become one of the major lead generators for the real estate business. People now search for properties online rather than visiting real estate agents physically. So if you have a presence on social media than you have the opportunity to widen your client base

For becoming one of the top real estate agents you not only need to build trust with your former and future client base but also need to have a powerful referral network. All of this can be done through effective social media marketing tools. Therefore, it is imperative to carefully plan and implement your real estate social media marketing strategies.

use different social media platforms to market real estate

Use different platforms for what they are best at

As a real estate agent, you need to keep in mind that all platforms are different and the voice and message should be according to it. For instance, Facebook can be used to share market reports or for ads for different neighborhoods. Whereas Instagram can be used to share stories where you can include direct links to properties and your website. Twitter, on the other hand, could be used for news syndication source to ensure that you are at top of the mind with your audience. Another important thing while using these platforms is to use the right real estate hashtags to optimize your content. Hashtags make it easier for the buyers and homeowners to find you.

Put effective real estate content on social media

It is important to have a diverse content calendar which can include property photos, success stories, client testimonials, company milestones, new listings and properties, industry news, home tips, renovation ideas, event coverage, etc.

 The stylish and attractive property photos not only gets you “likes” and shares but also compels the buyers to get in touch with you. Whether its news on industry reports or advice about neighborhood properties, keeping your clients in the loop will ensure them that you are an active participant in your industry.

social media marketing for real estate business

Social media involves key attention to detail

With so many buyers flocking social media in search of their next property, as a real estate agent you need to able to meet them there. Hence, you must optimize your content and make your presence felt on social media effectively.

Social media marketing is one of the important steps to become a successful real estate agent.

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