Join eXp Realty-To take your real estate career to the next level

Want to hit the next level in your real estate career? Join eXp Realty, there are so many incredible opportunities that there will be no looking back.

As with any career, to grow in a real estate you need to go beyond and above the normal to be the best. To become one of the top real estate agents eXp Realty offers a ready platform where agents will have access to all the real estate tools, market information, and training from industry experts.

work from anywhere with eXp Realty

How does eXp Realty work?

eXp Realty’s virtual campus is one-of-its-kind that caters to more than 20000 agents across the United States and Canada. In the eXp world, agents and brokers have the freedom to work from anytime anywhere. There are no geographical boundaries and no hassle of daily commuting to the workplace. There are live training sessions offered to agents conducted by industry experts and other top professionals. You can jump into training, meeting or coaching with eXp Realty agents everywhere.

At eXp Realty you can build your team, share best practices, and create a powerful referral network which is one of the essential steps to become one of the top real estate agents in your area. We ensure that you have access to all the latest property trends and prices so that you can master your market. As a real estate agent, if you show that you have vast market knowledge, people will trust you quickly as a result more business and faster career growth.

The company does not have a traditional brokerage system. Our unique revenue sharing program ensures that agents get what they deserve. There is an 80/20 commission split till the time agent reaches the annual CAP of $16000. After that, agents can earn 100% commission for the remainder anniversary year. Moreover, you can also earn a reward for every agent you introduce and if your agent introduces more agents than you also earn a percentage of their sale.

eXp realty offers great real estate tools to promote business

Our tools that can help you grow your real estate career

At eXp Realty we have a wide range of innovative tech tools that can assist you in taking your career graph to new heights. Agents get real-time support from our agent services, technology, and financial experts. Our tools that include CRM and lead generation, business intelligence, branding & marketing are provided at no additional costs. eXp Realty’s powerful lead generation platform allows agents to integrate listings with their WordPress website. There are also optional lead-generation programs.

At eXp Realty we provide templates to agents to market their business effectively. You have the flexibility and can creatively co-brand the design that you feel will work best for you- from business cards, signage, brochures and more.

make a move to eXp realty to take your career to new level

Make a move to eXp Realty

Real estate is a growing and competitive sector with so many active realtor licenses in the country it may seem impossible to grow your business. However, with eXp Realty you can make this possible as we provide you with a platform that can help you build a better network with our innovative tools and streamlined processes which will not only give a push to your career graph but will also help you earn handsomely.

Take your real estate career to a new high- join eXp Realty today!