Want to grow your real estate career? – eXp Realty is a great place to be in

Real estate industry is rapidly changing, and to grow your real estate career it is imperative that you have the right opportunities and tools to succeed. eXp Realty with its unique virtual office environment, top-tier real estate tools, and an amazing eXp model provides a perfect platform to succed in your real estate business.

grow your real estate career

Ways to grow your real estate career

There are a number of ways that can help you to actively grow your real estate career. However, the two most important aspects of real estate business is building a powerful network and effective marketing for good lead generation.


Firstly, you need to have a targeted approach to find people. To grow your real estate career you need to build a purposeful network. Therefore, meeting a diverse group of people, attending events or even conducting open houses/events will allow you to grow your network of probable clients.

networking in real estate

Marketing & Advertising

Social media and smart marketing support lead generation. To grow your real estate career, it is wise to be active on at least one social media platform, where you can share content, run your ads, and drive leads while connecting with potential clients.

Becoming a real estate agent requires your time and dedication. At eXp Realty, real estate agents not only learn from industry experts and share best practices but enjoy a strong referral network as well.

So how does eXp Realty works?

eXp Realty with its virtual office environment allows real estate agents to work from anywhere at any time. Thus, allowing them to save on time which they can utilize for socializing and networking in order to generate more leads. Besides that, as an agent you get real-time support from industry experts and eXp staff.

eXp Realty works on a revenue sharing model. The agents get an opportunity to grow their real estate career by becoming a shareholder, so the agents who help the company to grow can earn handsomely. Company also offers equity awards for agents under various achievements.

eXp Realty’s revenue sharing program

There is an 80/20 commission split until the agent reaches the $16000 annual CAP. Post the CAP, the agents will have to pay only $250 transaction fee for 20 transactions. Once the agent pays $5000 as transaction fees, eXp Realty grants $16000 back in stock shares. Out of this $4000 can be utilized by an agent immediately and the balance $12000 is vested for three years.

Besides that, every new real estate agent you introduce to the company, you can get up to $2800 per year. Also, if your agents introduce more agents than you can earn a percentage of their sale.

revenue sharing program

Build a productive and profitable business with eXp Realty

To become one of the top real estate agents can be a challenging process but not impossible. With eXp Realty’s innovative brokerage system along with access to technologically advanced real estate tools- at no additional cost including high-end lead generation software, content marketing tools, transaction technology, optional advertising support, and training – there is no looking back. 

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