Genuine Lead generation- Some Amazing Techniques

Real estate business has its phases. Sometimes when mortgage interest rates are lower and the economy is on the upswing you might get flooded with clients. However, a minor market fluctuation can stop the momentum and your commission checks. So for becoming a successful real estate agent, it is important that you maintain a strong pipeline of leads which can help you in dealing with the unpredictable nature of real estate smoothly.

A set of good real estate lead generation ideas can make a world of difference and you can increase your chances of becoming one of the top real estate agents of your area.

Here we have compiled a list of some amazing lead generation ideas that can help you in becoming a successful real estate agent.

becoming a successful real estate agent


According to industry experts, more than half of the sellers find their agents through referrals from a relative, friend, or neighbor or they use the services of an agent that they have worked before for buying or selling a property. Moreover, referrals cost you nothing, all you need to do is to stay connected with your contacts. So, make a list of past clients and get some genuine leads to build on for becoming a successful real estate agent.

You can come up with an effective email marketing strategy to stay connected with your network and potential clients.


Marketing your services is absolutely essential. Robust digital marketing strategies and offline marketing strategies can result in lead generation by improving your reputation and brand value. Highlighting a genuine client testimonial becomes much easier if you have a sound marketing strategy.

becoming a successful real estate agent
  • Have dedicated social media pages for your website
  • Connect with your target audience
  • Post content which interests and benefits the community
  • Address issues of your target audience
  • Highlight client testimonials
  • Invest in Search Engine Optimization
  • Schedule marketing events and run contests online
  • Participate in trade fairs


Make some investment in paid advertising. There are many websites that offer advertising options for realtors. Most of the buyers look for houses online before they actually contact a realtor. Here are some effective ways of advertising and becoming a successful real estate agent.

  • Post billboards
  • Run LinkedIn Ads
  • Advertise on Facebook
  • Answer real estate questions on Quora
  • Run Google ads
  • Send handwritten notes or cards to neighborhood mailboxes
  • Write a blog for local or national real estate website

Throw/Attend a party

If one of your well-connected clients has just moved into a new home then grab this opportunity to offer catering/arranging their housewarming party. All you need to ensure is to stop and mingle. Moreover, this could be a perfect place to meet prospects in similar situations and who are awestruck by the property that you have helped your client to buy.

You are likely to find neighbors invited to the party and that’s the time when you can ask if they have considered selling. Neighborhood sales typically generate new homeowner’s interest, and the housewarming party can help you convert your cold leads to hot.

becoming a successful real estate agent

off course throwing a party involves a cost with no guarantee of returns. Moreover, this is for well-established agents for whom money is not a constraint. However, newer agents should not miss opportunities to attend parties where you can network and grow your business.

Open Houses

An open house can be the easiest and less expensive way to know more people. Either you can advertise about your open house or you can put up signs on every cross street with an open house sign. Most of the potential buyers who drop in are without an agent. This gives you the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself and turn it into a hot lead.

Become a regular at a restaurant

Though this may sound unconventional, it really works! Try and schedule meetings at the same coffee shop or restaurant when meeting clients to discuss terms of the deal. This can help you in building a rapport with the wait staff and you will appear popular and invested in your community. In addition, you might even get to know other regulars to the restaurant, thus making you the perfect contact for them when they want to buy or sell a property.

We hope that you find these ideas helpful in paving a path for becoming a successful real estate agent.

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