Becoming A Real Estate Agent? – The Time Is Now!

Are you thinking about becoming a real estate agent? 

If yes, then it is a great idea since there is a surge in real estate employment. However, the most common question asked is whether or not it is the right time to become a real estate agent. Keeping this in mind, let’s start with some facts about the real estate industry. Knowing these facts is important for becoming a real estate agent.

Becoming A Real Estate Agent
  • People will always need a place to live and conduct business– The expertise of a real estate agent will always be in demand as people will always need to buy and sell properties whether personal or commercial.
  • Real estate market runs in phases– There can be a “buyer’s market” or “seller’s market” depending on a multitude of factors. However, a bad market typically becomes a good market again with time and vice versa. That said, you will always have to look at your local market because what’s true in one city may not be applicable in other.
  • Becoming a successful real estate agent is a number game– You need to time the market right and be able to generate leads which transform into business. Network! Network! Network! Networking is the key in real estate. Everyone needs a mentor and the right one will go a long way in shaping your real estate career.

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s look at the steps for becoming a real estate agent

  • Getting a realtor license- This is the first step towards making a career in the real estate market. Licensing requirements may vary by state, hence checking the complete process with local real estate commission is a must.
  • Choose a brokerage– Once you have the license, as a rule, you will have to work with a real estate broker during the first few years as an agent. A brokerage will provide you with a brand to be associated with, some cutting edge tools and technologies, and training. One such company is eXp Realty which is immensely popular and one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the United States. Thousands of successful real estate agents are joining eXp realty because of the unique eXp model. They offer one-of-a-kind virtual office which means you can work from anywhere and still deliver great value for clients.
  • Join the NAR (National Associaton of Realtors)– You cannot call yourself a realtor if you have not joined NAR and agreed to follow their rules.
  • Make a business plan– Becoming a real estate agent is not enough. You will have to think about short-term and long-term goals and make a business plan to provide a fender for your real estate business.
  • Create an online presence– This will help clients to find you easily. Therefore, consider creating a webpage or build a profile on an existing real estate website. Market yourself on social media.
  • Build and maintain your contacts– Referrals are one of the primary methods to get clients in a real estate business. Once you build up a client base it is important to maintain the relationship through simple gestures which make a difference.

Our Verdict

In the real estate business, your earnings are linked to the amount of dedication, effort, and work you put in. So the bottom line is that anytime is a good time. As long as there are houses to sell and people need a place to live, the demand for real estate agents will always be there, irrespective of the market type.

Becoming A Real Estate Agent

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