Orlando Florida’s Top Agent Shares Why He Moved To EXP – Carlos German

This podcast reveals the amazing journey of Orlando Florida’s top agent – Carlos German from a web developer to a successful entrepreneur. Carlos has a simple mantra to be the best at whatever he does. He highlights the immense opportunity in the EXP model and how it is benefitting the entire real estate community. Carlos discusses his fruitful move to EXP and why everyone should consider joining EXP.

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Mike: This is the agent revolution podcast, the next evolution of the real estate industry.

​Let’s get started.

It’s go time, I’m back with another episode of The Agent Revolution podcast another week and another great guest. Today I’m chatting with Mr. Carlos German one of the top agents in Orlando Florida. Mr. Disneyworld himself as always I’m your host proud EXP mega agent and team leader Mike Wall. Carlos is going to let us look behind the curtain of his recent EXP transition. We’re going to talk about how he closed the doors on his brokerage to join EXP and how he got fired from his team. So let’s get started.

Hey ​Carlos. Welcome to the show I’m so excited to be here with you brother. Listen we are on this journey to EXP together and it’s really exciting for me to have you on the show today. We don’t know each other really well.

​We are acquaintances from some really good mentors in the real estate world. I’m excited to connect with you to get to know you today and get to know more about your journey from where you were to now being on EXP.

Carlos: My pleasure Mike and thanks so much for having me on your podcast. Appreciate it. Yeah. Any chance I get to connect with people like you like minded individuals who are doing big things in the industry. I can’t pass that up. You guys just sent us an opportunity.

Mike: ​That’s awesome man. Hey let’s dig right in. Help me out. How long have you actually been in real-state?

Carlos: I got my real estate license in 2005 so it’s going to be 13 years in December of this year. So it’s about twelve and a half years.

Mike: So, twelve and a half years. Man almost a baker’s dozen there. That’s awesome and so I’m curious when you started out into real estate. First of all, how did you make the decision to go into real estate. What were you doing prior to your career in real-state?

Carlos: I was seen in the tech field. I used to be a network manager and web developer. This firm that managed networks for small businesses. So that’s kind of what I was doing. That was my first love computer technology and I got pretty good at it and got to lead the teams and things like that. I was the main guy but I wasn’t being rewarded for my efforts to the extent that I thought I deserved or at least was a move isn’t moving as fast as I would have liked. I just felt I had a lot more potential so I started looking into other options. My family had always invested in real-state and stuff like that. That was always kind of an interest of mine and we actually used to live in Maine up north when all these happened. I used to work for this firm over there but we used to come to Florida a lot. I’m from Orlando Florida. That’s where my real-state career started and everything. Now originally from the Dominican Republic. That’s why I had the terrible accent. So you guys are paying attention closely as I understand everything but we used to come to the Orlando area a lot. Through that process I became interested in the Orlando market as a real estate option and actually went for my classes during a Christmas vacation that I was here in Florida. I went ahead and did my classes. But I didn’t take that test until two years later.

I see you waited the whole time in Florida you have two years to actually test out before your class expired.  I took the test got my license and then I waited another year to actually get it started. So I am going to date a little bit myself but I was actually 18 when I took my classes.  Yeah. Started my realistic career when I was 21.

Mike: ​Wow. OK. Like I said when we were talking before. It’s like everybody’s got a unique story to tell and I’m always interested to dive into that part of everyone’s life because everyone is driven into the industry differently. So at some point it sounds to me like. You knew there was a better way. So you were in tack. You were doing something that you loved and that you were passionate about. You just knew that there was more out there for you. In other words, you knew that for your efforts you could develop something and do it on your own and probably do it at a higher level.

Is that correct?

Carlos: ​That is correct. I’ve always had an entrepreneur mindset in a sense. I’ve seen it from high school and whatnot. I was I was trying to think as an entrepreneur. I built a Web site out and sold products and stuff like that online which Krischer born. I did a few other things online that didn’t work out so I always had my entrepreneur mindset and I knew that in the tech feel in that hour not that I was 18. I either had to start my own company or do something else and real estate. It was amazing because I saw unlimited potential, massive leverage. I would be compensated for my work. That’s why I was so powerful and so attractive, I took the risk and I’m a risk taker and I moved down to Florida after I got my license and everything I moved down saved a little bit of money and I started realistic full time at that point because I absolutely knew there was a better way for my career.

Mike: ​Yeah. So now you’re 13 years in and out. It’s funny because we all get into the industry for different reasons but once we get into the industry it seems like we all learn the same lessons as just we learn them at a different time.

So, looking back now 13 years, what are some of the things that you’re most proud of?

Carlos: Well I mean for me building my team it was a lot of hard work and I surround them with the right people like Jake in there. Michael Ray is that you know they need a organization. Now I understand some people listening to this are trying to get to 30 and whatnot and I get it. That was amazing for me when I John my first year only sold four houses. So figuring out to get from four to eight then going to 30 and then plus was amazing. Breaking through from there to doing 150 transactions and this year two hundred eighty or so transactions. It definitely brings me joy to know that I’ve built something that is valuable to other people not only to me, he’s not only giving me a career but he’s giving an opportunity to other agents or staff members and whatnot. So I’m definitely proud of the fact that I was able to create opportunities for others not just for me.

Mike: ​Love that man. So how is your team structured today?

Carlos: Excellent question so that’s where we have to elevate it to the EXP part. What we’re doing with that because it is definitely changed from the way it was to the way it is now and because now it can impact more lives and help more people than partner with so many more other individuals. So before EXP it was a team of buyer agents as a 6 Buyer agents 2 listing agents. I have one admin that kind of the day operations person myself. So that’s the team structure. That’s got a main structure of the team.

Mike: Okay perfect, that is what gets me really excited because you’re right. The whole thing I came from Keller Williams. The whole time I spent probably the last 12 months and maybe it was longer than that but it seems like 12 months talking about expansion. When you’re talking about expansion you’re talking about taking what you do in a local marketplace and then expanding that out to different cities and different hubs. Basically taking what you do in your hub city and in just transplanting out into different cities and then getting different people to use your systems for operations and an end in duplicating that in different cities right. That gets me. We don’t talk directly into that yet but I see where you’re going with that because when you talk about the opportunity through EXP with revenue sharing stuff. That’s an exciting conversation but why don’t we first let’s talk about. I ask everybody does this. This is one of my favorite questions so tell me exactly what happened when you first heard about the opportunity at EXP?

Carlos: Well I mean that was say an interesting thing because I’m part of a master mind and I have been for many years. I’m a guy who doesn’t like to dabble into a lot of things. I like to go deep. So I pick someday here and I master it as best as I can. So in a year that’s what I did I decided to first I bought one of their programs then I did group coaching and then I did a one on one coaching. From there I went on to the mastermind level. I went very deep in their organization and made some great friends, relationships. So one of those friends is Al Stasek is with mastermind for years. Mastermind is a very transparent environment. You know when I saw mine in so I know Al Stasek. You know I know how big key is how many agents are most revenue. All the expenses while he does everything based on the master mind environment. And then one day I see on Facebook that. He partner with EXP, merged with the EXP Realty and I was like “What’s going on here?”. I know this guy is an independent broker just like me and he’s crushing it. I know he does very well. He had multiple companies. I mean is a very successful individual. I was like what’s going on? Why does this feel about. And. You know I’ll kind of put it out there but he really wasn’t necessarily. Trying to recruit anything or talk about it, I got busy than really looking to it and ended up there. You can ask like he didn’t call anybody me. Some people called him. Because that’s what happens. You know those that are like really big. Whoever makes the jump and partners with the EXP, you’re going to get some calls. Some people called him I didn’t because I was too busy. Body stayed in the back of my mind and then a few months later I was like “Man I want to talk to Al about why he did that?” Again I got a little bit busy and in another month he was going to be our next mastermind which was in October. So I said “I’m going to ask him at that time”. I knew he was anything bad because he was raving about it and obviously if he says I just did. There’s an item about our call. I was meant to help with anything. I stay happy for you my friend Bob and when I saw him in October that’s when I tried to get a little bit more information but initially the first thing and the first reaction for me was curiosity. And kind of wondering why. Such a successful person as an independent broker would do such a thing. However as you know we get so busy with the day today we don’t look into it and there are many people listening to his podcast today that are in that boat listening to us talk about it they’re listening to people talk about it or make the move. Nigerians are the top agents around the country. They are really not looking into. They haven’t seen it. They haven’t taken the time to actually be open minded and take a look at it. And until you do that. You were just wondering why we’re all doing it.

Mike: ​Right. That’s so interesting because I’ve always wonder I’m talking to a girl today who is actually a very successful Keller Williams agent and the one thing that’s always intrigued me is that there are people like us who we hear the idea and we do our due diligence and if it makes sense we just make the change right. Then there are people that are on the opposite end of the spectrum and their narrative is change is hard and so there’s everything in between. So when we’re as doing this podcast today. This is a platform for the people that are at the other end of the spectrum and everybody in-between. To just say “hey listen we’ve made the jump”. We’ve taken the plunge. The dust has settled and we’re so much more excited about the opportunity. Now on this side than even we were on the other side when we were first shown this opportunity. For me that’s why you can hear my voice and I can hear it in your voice like we wake up every single day and I’m excited about EXP I’m excited about my team. I’m just excited about life and what we’re doing and you know that’s the whole mindset thing between like the early adopter and the late adopter. At Keller Williams where I came from you, there are some people that were early adopters and I’m not going to mention any names but they are people at our market center that we’re making a million dollars a year in profit share and they were the people that got in to Keller Williams early.

​So the opportunity now for us EXP is just like that opportunity Carlos and I’m sure you see the same thing. We have an opportunity to be early adopters to make whatever we want to make whatever we are willing to give for revenue share. I can hear that with you I think that’s really cool.

You heard about it in October. When did you actually make the move?

Carlos: ​Right. So you know obviously initially June was when I heard about this company. I did not know anything about it and actually it’s interesting because I actually clicked on a link that Al shared. There was a press release about the company. So I look today I was a cloud brokerage I actually went on the Web site as well. I looked a little bit bot. But I was out looks cool grey. I definitely want to learn more about it later. So whatever I kind of pay down. Asking hey Al what’s going on with this company that you merge with. You know what’s happening. And he said “hey you know we’ve been trying to solve these problems for all these years for are business models and I feel like I found the solution for all those challenges. That’s why I made the move. And I was like “Tell me more about it. Like no I can’t tell you know in this environment I mean it’s our master mind. We can talk about it later. I was like okay man but why not let me know what’s going on. We set some time later, he was kind enough to kind of filling a little bit later on the details. It was interesting because he shared it with a few of us. Some people were excited. Some people were completely negative about it. I was just open minded. Like a person that was kind of negative pointing, negative things about it like this stock back then was not in the Nasdaq, so that was a sticking point. This stock is not good enough or whatever. I said “Well we’re not, we’re getting stocks we’re at right now. So that’s kind of a moot point. I was kind of neutral in the sense self. I was up in mind I was just open to listening. Now could this stock solve the retention problem? Possibly. That could definitely help especially for the top producers are the ones that we usually tend to lose in the tech model. So I was open minded to like yeah that could be a solution for that challenge and oh man we’re spending thousands of dollars in tools that month for lead generation and transaction attachment and all these things stand out while this could be a solution for that. Then ultimately for retirement plan and for agents an opportunity to have received all income if something happened to them or in our day just one to retire. It did solve challenges that we have been trying to solve for you in three years. Now. Ultimately when Alvey show me the numbers does too and I was blown away you know when I saw the numbers of the opportunity for people like you and me. That’s when I thought when I say people like you I mean the people that care about. People that are excited about it. People that wanted to share the excitement and the opportunity. They’re going to reap the benefits and it doesn’t take a lot of the work to do it. You can have you’re selling 30 houses a year. Well talk about it to those three agents you’re Trump properties. You know 10 times a month. Well that’s a hundred plus properties hundred plus agents that you could be talking to. If you’re excited about it and you do it as part of your ongoing selves business you’ll get some people who want to leave calm with you I’m with doors and I don’t want to take advantage of the opportunity and that’s when the magic happens.

Mike: Yeah. You know it’s so interesting that you said that because I mean there are there so there’s so much to dig into there. But one thing that resonates with me is that. You know it is such an exciting story to tell if you’re selling a product. Let’s just say you’re selling something and you’re just not excited about it, it’s just a job. Your customer sees that and it’s totally different when you actually are passionate about something. You’re putting in front of a potential customer a client or another agent in this particular instance because it’s such a great thing if you can just help them see it. Then there’s really no reason why they wouldn’t join because I mean let’s face it it’s the best idea we’ve seen maybe ever in real estate and obviously we’re excited about it. So we feel compelled to get the message out to other agents.

Carlos: Absolutely. That’s really all it takes. I have one of my team members here he is. Talks about it once a week like he is very organized so he’s like you know I’m only going to reach out to people in 30 days. That’s his thing. And he only thinks about it on Thursday. And he’s growing he’s attracting agents. So it really you that decide you want to make of it. It’s not that complicated if you write down you the people that you interact with during the week on Thursday morning and say OK I call this guy I was nice to him My dear to deal with this guy. He loved me. I’ve met this person at a networking event. Great. And then you make you know 6 calls on Thursday. And if they’re open to listen to an opportunity you share with them. I mean does really. So, yeah. I mean you’ve got to that’s why a magic happens. Yeah that’s it. That’s when the magic happens.

Mike: Okay so you heard here’s the timeline then you heard about it in June. You were just busy you really didn’t have time to revisit it until October when you drove in with al out at mastermind learned more and then when did you join?

Carlos: All right so I was an independent broker so at that time I started kind of my research and due diligence process and a lot of us do that. And you know my mind was made up. Here is what happens to a lot of people. In this story you know that’s kind of what happened to Jay. That’s what’s happening to a lot of people I’m talking to. They say they know it’s amazing. They’re just like okay I get to validate all this stuff because it’s too good to be true. So in this case I met with somebody this week. That is OK. If everything that you showed me is a real sin bright. Okay. Just do your research. You know so that’s where I was like. Man this is for real. It’s a no brainer. You know this is definitely the best opportunity I’ve ever seen in the business. So I started doing my due diligence doing my own research and. Then I shared it with my team individually. You know so I went over it with them individually one by one and got their feedback and they were like know you know this is so people were very excited about it and some people were like hey you’re really there what you do is fine you know. And hey I was happy to hear both answers you know. So. Ultimately we decided to make the move in November but being an independent broker it took me a little bit of time to make that transition. I mean we had over 30 deals on their contract a bunch of listings. So officially we launched in the second week of January.

Mike: Me and that is one thing I don’t want to gloss over here though is especially for other team leaders who are listening is the fact that you went to each one of your team members individually because you know you wanted to ensure that you cared about the transition. How would it affect them? But even more so about the opportunity that it would provide for them.

Carlos: ​Absolutely. ​It was as much about the impact that we can make in their lives and the lives of every other age and we come in contact with us. It was for me as a team leader, the great thing that I have. So hey you know solves challenges for everybody. I just wanted to validate that assumption. I wanted to validate that some child, I had raised. People are by me and they told me just. Show them the Webinar. Don’t say anything like “hey check this out”. Don’t put your opinion on them or force anything on them. Just having give you fit back. Doesn’t just what I did and it worked out great and I’ve moved forward with my entire team except for one agent that was brand new. I chose my newest agent and fortunately for her. It didn’t work to to make the move because there is a fifty dollars a month fee that I wasn’t charging so fully transparency. She told me and a new agent she just didn’t want to pay the 50 dollar per month fee. I mean certainly their staff saw that you I unfortunately just feel the opportunity. It was seen there with that new agent for me to want to have sort of that.

Mike: ​Yep. Same thing for us. Man we transitioned over. I had it roughly about 15 agents at the time and we lost one as well. Who just decided to stay where we were at which we were fine with them we understood because the opportunity is not for everybody. It’s not and it’s for those people who get it. It’s those people who ultimately bought into the vision of what EXP could provide and then ultimately what our team could provide. As I said we came over in February and we haven’t looked back a day since. So happy we made the move. So you told your team. You decided to move out. It was a full launch as you said in January.

Carlos: Yes, we know the second week of January we announced it. That was interesting because we had to make a decision as far as the growth of the team itself because we had a lot of people wanting to join the team. This thing attracts like a magnet and is very powerful and we had to decide. We want to help a lot of people. I didn’t want to grow the team be on. I could to providing lead generation and support. I ultimately felt blessed because I have more people to pick from without even having to recruit. I wanted a new buyer agent or somebody for the team environment. It was just unbelievable. We tripled in size within a few months and we haven’t looked back since as you said this month alone is going to be our biggest month. We’ve crawled to nine new agents in our group. So it is very powerful and I believe the fall in Monte would be bigger than that because it just keeps it is, when you give an opportunity to everybody. That is a set in for everybody involved. You’re going to get people that are as excited as you are about it. Where before, as a team leader there you’re the only one excited about growth. The aging is right about selling and that’s it. Well now these people are excited about helping the company grow because they benefit. And you know if you want to grow your team massively. Well they’re super excited about helping you grow your team massively.

Mike: Yeah it is expansion on the grandest scale and what I mean by that is coming over from KW Where you know that was the latest and greatest thing that they were they were teaching and coaching about is expansion into multiple locations. We talked about what that was a little bit earlier. What you do from your HUB and duplicating that into deeper marketplaces and in the beauty, the brilliance of what Glen has created here is that you can expand into different marketplaces.

You don’t necessarily have the same risk because the only thing that you’re doing is you’re generating and you want to help them. You don’t necessarily have to take your business into a different marketplace and take all the risk that comes along with that and all the expense by the way. But you succeed through agents and you’re not necessarily taking anything from them in terms of a commission split but you’re actually giving to them and you’re encouraged to give to them because through revenue share at EXP you’re rewarded. So the more you give the more you get. It is such a brilliant model and you can do that Carlos just like we have with any agent in the country.

Carlos: Yeah, that is amazing. I mean. It’s just awesome. We have the opportunity to do then as you said is fun as us. I mean it’s just amazing. I’ve never been this excited in my 12 years. I don’t remember. It’s interesting because like I don’t ever remember. I’ve had some very big highs. I’ve done a lot of things that have been. You know very big moments for me and building to those moments and building my team. Renting a bigger office and hiring employees and all of these things was great and I kind of have fun doing it. I can tell you that this is fun. It’s just such a big opportunity. I mean it is just amazing. This line is just thrilling super fun, super exciting getting to wake up every day and knowing that hey in all your power something unbelievable.

Mike: Yeah absolutely. So you know in our wrap this up just a couple questions so at the end of the day I mean so What drives you. Why do you do all this?

Carlos: ​Absolutely. You know for me it’s very simple. I just want to be the best that I can be. That is in every area of my life. You don’t want to be the best father, the best husband, the best leader, the best mentor the best and health person that I can be the most productive. You know I just want to be the best that I can be unleash my full potential. To unleash that is helping me grow and lead them bounds as a leader, as a person, as a mentor, as a coach which is helping me in so many more lives than I could before. It’s just allow me to give more, to be more and to do more. I have ever been able to do so is this continuing in that path and feeling it every single day waking up. Being a better version of myself in every area.

Mike: Well said my friend well said so last question. ​What would you tell that agent or that broker listening to this podcast right now?  That are on the fence about making the move to EXP.

Carlos: To get clear on why they’re on the fence and then one day get clear. Is it fear? I mean success is always on the opposite end of fear and if you keep being afraid. The person with the right mind set needs to overcome fear in order to grow. There is no other way around it. That’s what stops a lot of people either that if they are on the fence. Concern and fear over something so get clear what that is and get the answers on and get it done. I’ve never seen a company attract so many credible top producers, high level individuals at once so quickly in my entire life and career. Like I don’t know how much more credibility you know you want. I mean this is just the level and the caliber of people being attracted to speed. You know it’s unbelievable. So just reach out and get your answers. Clearly there is something unique to you. I mean EXP has attracted all sorts of agents and variety. So there’s nothing that agent could be going through that we haven’t seen. It is just a matter of racing, getting clear on what that is limiting belief or what a concern is. Then ultimately finding somebody who did it. That kind of explain and that’s the great thing about our community and the by that we’re all helping you show there we’re all partnering with his show there. You know like you said we know each other very well. Here we are helping each other linking arms, master minding, sharing ideas and supporting each other and that’s the community that we are part of. You can post somewhere and say “This is my rock. Who can I talk to” and we’ll find you somebody who can tell you all this that I went through that curious how you solve it. Here is the best solution for your sad. Need. So that’s what I don’t just you can’t just get clear on the fans it’s a matter of clarity. More than anything because. I mean you can’t poke any holes on this thing. I’ve tried and I’m very analytical and we all have by the way we all have tried to poke holes in it.

Yeah that’s why we’re all here because here we are. We can’t find a hole in this thing so it’s solid I guess I better jump on it. You can’t be under the rug.

Mike: Absolutely. Oh man, this has been one of my favorite interviews. It’s been a really good opportunity for me to get to know you and I so enjoyed having you today. How can people connect with you?

Carlos: If somebody wants to nag if I can help with anything you know the best thing is quick text message I mean 407-​744-7190. Or they can add me on Facebook Carlos German and send me a message through there. So you know that’s how they come find me or you can put them in touch with me you know if I can be anything you know Mike I’m very happy to speak with anybody that you’re trying to get clear on their opportunity. Ultimately we’re all in this together and what I can do to help is reach out.

Mike: So that was my sit down with Orlando mega producer Carlos German. I really enjoyed talking to Carlos. He has such a great outlook on life. Hey if you know someone you think might enjoy the podcast. Please share with them and if you like the podcast please go to where he was the podcast and subscribe if you’re curious about what you’re speaking to for your life and your business visit explodingwealth.com and watch my short video to get more details and see if EXP is right for you and your business. If you have questions for me, you can schedule 30 minutes with me at meetmikewall.com

​ That’s it for this episode of Agent Revolution and I’ll see you again next week